With a name that means “good” or “lovely” in Turkish, Latif represents Hotel RegentMarine’s passion for ensuring that our guests create wonderful memories with their loved ones in Jeju.

  • Breakfast :
    07:00 ~ 10:00
  • lunch :
    12:00 ~ 14:00
  • Pub :
    18:00 ~ 24:00

Hotel RegentMarine presents a culinary journey inspired by both local Jeju and international flavors, at one of the island's most remarkable restaurants. Located on the first floor of the hotel, Latif offers daily breakfast buffet and lunch café menus, as well as beer and light bites at sundown. With gorgeous ocean views and beautiful music complementing superb cuisine, this restaurant also serves unforgettable memories. Its stylish atmosphere and spectacular sea vistas make Latif an unmissable destination for travelers and Jeju locals alike.